What is codingnight­ffm?

We'll have a proper kick-off to discuss ideas for coding nights.
For now the what remains to be defined.

Hangout - Bring your own project

You're currently working on a project and don't want to code home alone? Welcome to #codingnightffm hangouts! 😃

Our next hangout will be on Friday, April 26th.
We'll meet at the offices of codemonauts, Günthersburgallee 19.
Doors open from 6pm, you can join later of course. That's up to you. 😃

There's gonna be free wifi and drinks, fellow coders to hang and chat with inclusive. 😉
We can order in or grab a bite at the market on Friedberger Platz.

Want to come? Since space is limited, please register by putting your name here (via pull request at github).
(You can drop by unannounced of course, a heads-up is appreciated though.)

name contact info (twitter/mail) project you'd like to work on (optional)
Anett @emsuiko OpenSplit


I'd like to thank codemonauts for initial and continouous support of #codingnightffm.
If you like to support #codingnightffm by hosting, organizing, financing or otherwise, please get in touch. 😃

Further thanks extended to:

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